The Azodin Kaos Paintball Gun is Azodins entry level mechanical marker. The Kaos looks and feels similar to the other Azodin markers. The Azodin Kaos has a very small profile and is extremely light for a paintball gun at only 2.1 lbs. Azodin is a newer company in the paintball Industry, but their low-end markers are fantastic.

The Velocity is adjusted on the back just below the bolt by using an Allen wrench. The Bolt is delrin and is easily removed to clean and maintain. The Kaos is very reliable, and for a low-end marker is very accurate as well. In my opinion, the Azodin Kaos is the best semi-automatic mechanical marker on the market right now. This marker is reliable, has a nice trigger, is fairly fast for a mechanical gun. The best part is that it is also inexpensive.
Azodin Kaos Overview


Great mechanical marker
Low Price
Easy to Maintain
Fast for a mechanical gun
Simple Design
Light and small
Light trigger
Low recoil
Autococker threaded barrel
Intimidator detents
Can use CO2 or HPA

A little Loud (Some say the sound is distinct and intimidating)
Not electronic
Not many of the features compared to entry-level electronic markers in the under $200 range
Air Source Adapter is not that great
Note that the Cons of the Azodin Kaos are pretty standard on every mechanical marker. However, I think the Kaos performs the best compared to other entry level markers.

Azodin Kaos-D

The Azodin Kaos also is made in a few other models than the basic standard kaos. The Kaos-D comes with Azodins Zero system, which may eliminate or reduce the amount of kick/recoil in the marker greatly. The Azodin Kaos-D Retails for $179.95 currently.

Features of the Azodin Kaos

Full Delrin Bolt with Quick Release Pull Pin

The bolt on the Azodin Kaos is made of Delrin, a strong plastic composite that is very light. The bolt is easily removed using the pull pin on top of the paintball marker. This makes disassembling the marker and cleaning it very easy.

Double Trigger

The double trigger on the Azodin Kaos is very nice and light. Although it is a mechanical marker, it can still be fired fairly quick due to the trigger.

Light Weight Striker

One thing about Azodin paintball guns is their striker is said to be 30% lighter than other blowback markers. This reduces the mass of the internals moving in the marker as the gun is fired. As a result, Azodin markers including the Kaos have very little recoil while firing. This is a great design that improves the performance of these entry level markers. One downside to this, however, is that it does make the marker slightly louder.
Low Rise Twist Lock Feedneck

With the 2011 Kaos, Azodin added a twist lock feed neck. One problem with the 2010 model was the feed neck hard to tighten and stay tight. Although clamping feed necks are much better, the stock feed neck will keep your loader on, without much hassle. The low rise feed neck also reduces the profile of your marker by keeping your hopper close to the breach.

12 Inch Autococker Threaded Stock barrel

The stock barrel is pretty nice and accurate. However, if you do end up looking to upgrade the barrel, the marker does take Autococker threads, the industry standard threading among most paintball markers.

Intimidator Detents

The Azodin Kaos comes with dual Intimidator ball detents. Detents keep the ball from rolling out of the breach, and Azodin has chosen to use quality parts for their markers.

Rubber Gripframe Panels

these make the grip frame easier to hold during a game while running around.

Notes About the Kaos VS Electronic Markers

The Azodin Kaos is a great marker for a very low price. However, I highly suggest looking into other low-end markers such, as the Azodin Blitz. The difference in performance you can get out of a low-end electronic paintball marker now far exceeds what it has been in the past. For under $200 you can get a great marker that will be able to keep up on speedball fields and will have much more additional features that might interest you. It is worth spending an extra $80 or less initially than try to throw upgrades onto a mechanical marker later down the line. Theres only so much performance you can get out of these markers, so it’s in your best interest to make an informed decision about what you would like out of a paintball gun.


However if you are on a low budget and looking to get into the sport of paintball for as cheap as possible, the Azodin Kaos is a great mechanical paintball marker. It is accurate, light, and can be very powerful. The Kaos can give players some serious bang for their buck, as a very inexpensive marker.